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HESS&FRANZEN are good friends and collaborators who have come together to create music for the media and release their own album projects.

They record and produce from their home studios on two continents - Hess in Bristol, UK and Franzen in Porto Alegre, Brazil.

In August 2012 HESS&FRANZEN released their second album: UST VOL 01 - a conceptual sci-fi action soundtrack for a non-existent movie (hence the name Unofficial Sound Track).

Free Download of UST Vol 01: http://hessandfranzen.bandcamp.com/

In September 2012 HESS&FRANZEN joined American audio library Jingle Punks.

In September 2012 HESS&FRANZEN have written music for the third feature film from Masive Motion Pictures Consequence. The premier of the film will be on Thursday 13th September 2012 at Genesis Cinema, London.



Independently released in September 2011 their debut album {CLOSEDLOCKEDSEALED} features nine instrumental tracks that take the listener to a inspiring roller coaster ride of emotions.